Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday 50% off from Max Galitsyn

Dear Adrian,

Today is Cyber Monday and we want to contribute to this
momentous event.

We are giving you a 50% off coup0n that can be used for
any of our current products:


New customers only! Meaning if you have a current RSS Ground
membership, you can not cancel it and get a new one with
this coup0n. You will lose your membership.

However, if you currently have a f*ree membership you can
upgrade to any of the paid memberships with this coup0n
or sign up for a paid membership right away.

You can apply this coup0n to the following products: - Self Growing Websites system; - powerful content management tools; - professional videos; - ebusiness resources for download.

Discount will only work today and tomorrow, so don't wait!


To your online success,

Max Galitsyn from
Paytory Inc.

Paytory Inc,
864 Riverside Dr
Methuen, MA 01844 USA

Paytory Helpdesk:

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